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Large size or large range, either way these dice are biggies!!
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The d48 is based on a polyhedron known as the disdyakis dodecahedron.
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The d120 is the ultimate fair die allowed by Mother Nature (i.e., mathematics)! The d120 is based on a polyhedron known as the disdyakis triacontahedron.
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We founded CJSGames in 2013 to produce and sell our line of card games at local game conventions. In 2015 we started to carry dice to supplement sales and from that The Dice Dealers were born. Since then our offerings, territory and desire to be THE DICE DEALERS at YOUR local convention has only grown. From a seeming hand full of dice we have expanded our stock to cover all major manufactures as well as a full lineup of 'specialty' and hard to find dice, we're not kidding when we say we have all the dice your local game store does and then the ones they don't! So look around, we're sure you'll find something you like!